Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Days of Truth & Love

Ok, ok... So I'm late.


I was supposed to begin this challenge almost 2 weeks ago.

But something stopped me.

I had not been really loved for a minute. Yeah, I know I AM loved, but sometimes you need to FEEEL IT...and I wasn't. Life was beating on the people I care about who care about me, and I was feeling much the outsider in some lives. Yeah yeah, I know better, but I'm a woman damnit! Plus I don't have the bestest memory so some days I'd say I was gonna start then forget. I was also having a hard time with being given the truth by some close folks. It made for a rough go at purging some of my own crap.

Well, I was reminded that just because people get bogged own by life interruptus, it doesn't mean the love stops. I've also learned that sometimes folks are slow to recognize their own truth. That shouldn't stop me from sharing my own.

So here I am, 10 days and 10 challenges behind. Doesn't matter though. It may be my siStar Kween's challenge, but these are MY truths about MY love. She'll be patient with me.... That's why I love her!

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