Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Days of Truth & Love

Ok, ok... So I'm late.


I was supposed to begin this challenge almost 2 weeks ago.

But something stopped me.

I had not been really loved for a minute. Yeah, I know I AM loved, but sometimes you need to FEEEL IT...and I wasn't. Life was beating on the people I care about who care about me, and I was feeling much the outsider in some lives. Yeah yeah, I know better, but I'm a woman damnit! Plus I don't have the bestest memory so some days I'd say I was gonna start then forget. I was also having a hard time with being given the truth by some close folks. It made for a rough go at purging some of my own crap.

Well, I was reminded that just because people get bogged own by life interruptus, it doesn't mean the love stops. I've also learned that sometimes folks are slow to recognize their own truth. That shouldn't stop me from sharing my own.

So here I am, 10 days and 10 challenges behind. Doesn't matter though. It may be my siStar Kween's challenge, but these are MY truths about MY love. She'll be patient with me.... That's why I love her!

Monday, June 13, 2011

How the HELL did I forget #25: I Touch Myself

Task: What motivates you to hit your orgasmic peak during a masturbation session?


I get off on eyegasms: sights that make my love button pop up. I'm a very visual person, so anything that stimulates my mental and can get my imagination going will get me hyped. I'm not a big porno watcher, but I love seeing two women gettin' it in. Especially up close shots. *gettin' happy just typing this* I have been known to rewind 1 scene on a DVD SEVERAL times just to visualize it different ways and get myself even more excited.

What can I say? I love girl-on-girl action. Don’t judge me, lol.

When I'm not ogling lesbian porn, I like to think of memorable sexual encounters. Not so much the actual sex, but the chemistry, intensity, and convo shared during the session. Just remembering how deeply we connected is enough sometimes to get me going. Since sex is 90% mental, all it really takes is just to focus and put yourself in the correct frame of mind. Your body will do the rest…and oh boy does it!

I also get off on eargasms. I think my favoritest way to climb that self-love mountain is with a voice in my ear. I can lay right next to a person and masturbate if they're saying the right shit in my ear. Hell, I've done it! One of my most memorable times was when I was on the phone with Him. He was at work, and I was home. On a whim we connected via telephone and I started playing in my cooch. His voice was just above a whisper, but loud enough for me to hear everything he said. He gave me instructions for what he wanted me to do to myself. I know he was imagining it all as I moaned in his ear. When it was all said and done I had cum so hard I was lightheaded, and he was harder'n Japanese arithmetic.

Another great memory is of the time when my son was in the hospital. He was only 6 months old and had to spend two weeks in the hospital for a lymph node infection. I was staying there overnight, and the Hub was coming over with us during the day. Hub and I would talk on the phoneevery night because back then we'd actually miss each other when we were apart. Anyway, this particular night Hub was feeling himself and wanted to share with me. So I'm laying in a hospital bed rubbing one out while our son is in the hospital crib across the room. The door is closed almost completely but I'm still trying to be quiet. Hub is at home strangling the snake and trying to be quiet too so he won't wake our daughters. I got it off, and it was wonderful!

The next night he kind of hid in the room until the nurses forgot he was there and we did some other things. But that's another blog entirely…

30 Days of Erotic Truth #30: 'Relentless: The Poem'

Task: Write an erotic poem of your choice.. raunchy or classy.. bring it!!!

Foreplay begins when he
sets up the rendezvous
The only cue needed, his voice in
my eager ear;
first a twitch, then a slow throb
a little slob slips from
slightly open lips as my mind
drifts back to the time before
Yes, baby,
I always want more...

Nipples erect I
shower, then dress
caress creamy smooth skin in
the scent he adores
'Eau de Harmony'
nothing more
Still she beats for him;
a low staccato that spells his name
in my panties
I breathe deep and try not to touch
the need to rub her almost

We meet,
dinner's too quick but
pussy is slick just from being
inside his aura;
his want undeniable as a
tiny wetness presents against
his bulging jeans
By no means with this be
just a run-of-the-mill fuck
He intends to run amok inside my loins
and I, inside his mind

We make haste to a place not far
our favorite park, for now
Need won't let us hold out
The animal in us both growls too loud
Her beating echos in my throat,
up my tongue and against his lips
His hunger drips onto my fingers and
I'm dying for a taste
Why can't we ever wait?

Out of the car and against the hood
nothing misunderstood from this point on

We need this NOW!

Fingers grip locs and
face down I go
Panties a memory, he takes me



Bodies press together against
fiberglass and steel
The feel of him in my belly
is just what I need
His pounding, so relentless,
allows me to feed

give it to me...

Give It To Me...


I buck back just as hard
just as relentless,
and he takes it
takes ME
all the way to the edge

then abruptly stops;

Oh, that's right!
We've got all night

This was just


30 Days of Erotic Truth #29: Flyball Betty wit da Unsharp Machete

Task: What makes you sexy to YOU?

This is probably the toughest question I've had to answer in this challenge. For a long time I didn't think I was sexy at all.

As a teen, I always wondered why I wasn't as popular as my friends. We'd go out to meet guys and the dudes would flock to them. I always got stuck with the 'not-so-cute' guy or the 'good conversation' guy. I always felt like I wasn't pretty or didn't have the body they had. It played havoc with my self esteem. I learned to perfect my skills, that way even if I didn't get the best looking guys, the ones I got would remember me. I got excellent at being an 'undercover freak' as they used to call it. As I got older, I began to understand that I didn't need to do all those things to get guys. I learned to appreciate guys for more than their looks, or physical/material stuff. I also got more and more men and women telling me I was beautiful and sexy. I started really feeling it.

The horrible things I went through in relationships made me appreciate myself more...they made me stronger as a person. Because I had to work hard to take care of myself and my kids I had to get my confidence up and keep it there. Because of my upbringing I was also able to keep my sense of modesty and humility. Just bcause I was seeing myself as sexy and beautiful more and more didn't mean I had to show myself in a trashy or whorish way.

So what makes me sexy to ME? Let's run down a quick list

My mind- Brains are sexy on anyone. I love the mental, and my mental game is fierce! To get inside my head, is so see my TRUE sexiness!

My walk- Legs go a long way in the sexy department, and I've got legs for DAYS. I don't mind trotting my gams out either. My grandma said all her granddaughters had sexy legs, and I ain't about to make a liar out of her!

My feet- You'll have to ask all the menfolk who tell me this if it's true. I know I get plenty offers to suck my toes, so that says something! LOL
My sense of humor- My wit can be wicked at times. You don't have to flash your tits if you can make a man laugh so hard he's got tears in his eyes. He'll hold off on seeing the tits for a little while...

My confidence- Not to sound conceited, which I'm NOT, but my swag is on megawatt! Not overbearingly so, but a subtle kind of swag that only folks who know me well know is always on. I am very unassuming... ON PURPOSE. I hold no ulterior motives, and when I do, you'll never know it until it's too late to care.

My personality- I love fun! I want those around me to enjoy themselves when they are with me, so I try to bring some fun to everything I do. I also get along with just about everybody. Always have. If I don't get along with you, something is wrong with YOU...

All of this together makes me a force to reckon with. Ask those who love me... LOL!

30 Days of Erotic Truth #28: Relentless

Task: If you could get your hands on some dick/pussy right now, how would you want it?

Is this a trick question?

Foreplay begins when he sets up the rendezvous. *start of a poem* I'ma hold time with this one line right here...

Back to the subject at hand... How would EYE want it...
HARD and RELENTLESS... How else would I want dick if I could get it right now?? I can't describe it any other way. Passion-filled, sweat-drenched, clawing at the mattress (FUCK them sheets!), beggin him to stop knowing I don't mean it, down and dirty RELENTLESS sex... Make me want to climb on top and ride til my legs go numb... Make me want to suck dick til HIS legs go numb... Get my pussy sopping wet, then fuck it dry...then fuck it sopping wet again (yeah, we go like THAT)... Hit the bottom and make me try to scooch away then pull me back and hit the bottom again... hit all 5 corners (what, you thought my pussy was SQUARE??) AND tickle the seam down the back.... I ain't gotta SQUIRT, but if it should so happen to go down that way, i ain't gonna be mad about it.... FUCK ME HARD ENOUGH TO CUM FROM INTERCOURSE.... then let me get a shot of tequila and a Black afterwards....

We can start on HER next................

Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Days of Erotic Truth #27: Because I Said So

Your man/woman likes to have sex with the same sex. Are you willing to invite this into your bedroom? why?

In a word: NO

Why? Because I'm a hypocrite like that.

Seeing 2 men have sex is in no way appealing to me unless it's tranny porn, and even in that case I don't want to see the T-girl's man-meat floppin' all over the place while he gets done. It just ain't appealing to me. No way in 4-5-6-7-8 hells I'ma let my Hub and another man knock Timbs in MY bed. I just cain't see it. I'd see the Hub in a very unpleasing light and wouldn't be able to even deal with him anymore. I just couldn't.

Now if I was married to a woman? Bring it on, baby…

What? I said I was a hypocrite!

30 Days of Erotic Truth #26: Dooky Love

Task: Anal sex? Are you anal about it?

Absolutely not. I can take it or leave it.

Don't get me wrong. When it's good, it's GOOOOOD. But whenit ain't…whoa momma!

Anal sex can be the bomb when you do it regularly, and I have had the pleasure of having some awesome anal orgasms. But it takes relaxation and trust. You can't just let anyone hit you off in your hiney hole. As I've said in a previous blog, I've had someone basically rape me anally. Not cute or fun. As a result, I always try to control the amount of penetration when it comes to anal. I also like to experiment with different positions to get it from. This helps with controlling how fast and how much you are penetrated. There are ways to lessen the pain and become used to it too. Start with having a pinky inserted during sex, or a small vibe. Trust me, the vibe is wunderbah! Small glass dildos work good too. I won't even get started on the pleasures of DP… It's also a great tool for when you want your man to hurrup'n bust and get off you, lol!

The flip is the pain you endure when you haven't done it in a while. Having your anus stretched HURTS!! Try to pass an abnormally large turd and you'll agree. If that hurts coming out, imagine how it feels when something's being forced IN. That right there is why I can leave it. I'm never in a hurry to go through that pain. And I've been penetrated anally by accident. We were going at it full tilt too. He was pounding my goodies like he was a Choctaw Indian woman making flour, so you know when dude missed my pussy and tapped the sap I assumed he'd stabbed me in the back with a hot butcher knife. I thought I was gonna have to take a knee and talk to Jesus about some things. I didn't just see stars, I saw whole constellations. My ancestors' lives flashed before my eyes and I went blind for about 5 minutes. I was ready to convert to Catholicism and find a confessional ON THE SPOT. THAT'S how much that shit hurt. Love was the only thing that kept me from trying to fight him, lol.

The bottom line is, I'm not going to die if I don't get it. But when I DO get it, I want to get it often enough to actually enjoy it.